Has The Department Of Family And Protective Services Contacted You?

CPSIn Texas, the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) exists to ensure that children are not subjected to abusive situations in their homes. However, the organization is not immune to mistakes or bad judgment. In some cases, the DFPS becomes involved in your life unnecessarily because they incorrectly suspect abuse, and their involvement can lead to a host of problems for your family. If you have received a call or visit from the DFPS, it is important to contact an experienced family law attorney as soon as possible to protect your rights and your children.

Although many attorneys may fear DFPS cases and refuse to take them on, attorney Jacqueline Kriebel has no such fear. She has successfully confronted the DFPS many times in the past. Ms. Kriebel has even been able to obtain restraining orders against the DFPS that prevented the organization from removing children from their family home. Depending on your situation, she may be able to do the same for you. Call Kriebel Law Firm, PLLC, in San Antonio at 210-677-5586 or email the firm for a consultation.

It Can Be Difficult to Get Your Children Back if the DFPS Takes Them

The DFPS is backed by the government. Because of this support, the organization has a great deal of power. If the DFPS decides that your child is in any kind of danger at home, someone from the organization can show up at your door with a warrant and take your children away. Once the DFPS has taken your children, getting them back can be difficult.

To avoid this traumatic situation, you need to keep your enemies close. The right attorney can help you do just that by explaining the DFPS investigation procedure in detail, letting you know what to expect during every phase of the investigation and teaching you about what you should and should not do when dealing with the DFPS. Armed with this knowledge, you can avoid any mistakes that may lead to the loss of your children.

Contact Kriebel Law Firm, PLLC, to Protect Your Rights

If the DFPS has expressed an interest in your family, you can't wait to contact a lawyer. Do not become another victim of this organization's intimidation tactics. Protect yourself and your family by contacting Kriebel Law Firm, PLLC, right away. Attorney Jacqueline Kriebel knows how the DFPS operates, and she can help you stop the organization from invading your home. Call Ms. Kriebel at 210-677-5586 today to schedule a consultation and learn how to properly protect your family from unnecessary disruptions and trauma.