Jacqueline R. Kriebel

Jacqueline Kriebel is originally from Pennsylvania, where she developed a spirited work ethic and aggressive style of representation. She is dedicated to providing a client-centered representation where each client is treated with respect and dignity regardless of your legal situation. She will return your phone call as soon as practical. Jacqueline Kriebel listens patiently while you explain your situation and provides immediate feedback as to how your case should be handled and what you can expect throughout the legal process.

Additionally, Jacqueline Kriebel aggressively cross-examines witnesses and attacks their credibility to consistently win at trial. Because of her experience as a former teacher, Jacqueline Kriebel knows how to educate a jury to understand the legalities of your case and to sway them to your side. Plain and simple, Jacqueline Kriebel wins! She  helps you find peace throughout the legal process by providing you the knowledge and confidence you need to make the important decisions in your case. Her motto is, “Put your stress with me. If I’m not worried, you shouldn’t be worried.”