Child Custody Matters Can Be Complicated And Emotionally Charged

Fathers-rightsIn Texas, the laws and language used to determine child custody and modifications can be confusing. Custody of your child can be granted equally to both parents as the joint managing conservators or to one parent as the sole managing conservator. The visitation schedule, or the standard possession order, may be agreed to between parents. If you cannot agree to a schedule, the court will create visitation, or possession and access to a child, for your family.

Attorney Jacqueline Kriebel is an experienced child custody attorney who has successfully handled the full spectrum of child custody issues in and out of the courtroom — from the most amicable to highly contested disputes involving parental alienation. She understands that establishing a child custody arrangement both parents will agree to is not always possible. In those cases, Ms. Kriebel is ready to defend your rights in court.

Finding the Best Arrangement For Your Family is Key to Moving Forward

Is your child custody arrangement meeting your child's best interests? Meeting the best interests of your child is critical to successfully moving forward after a divorce or separation. Ms. Kriebel dedicates her time and effort to carefully prepare and plan with you to efficiently resolve your custody issues for the optimal result. She uses her years of professional and personal experience to develop strategies that will emotionally protect your children while aggressively fighting to win your case.

Attorney Kriebel has in-depth experience handling all issues involving child custody and support, including:

  • Conservatorship — Joint managing conservatorship or sole managing conservatorship
  • Visitation rights — Possession of and access to a child
  • Modifications — Adjusting existing orders to account for new circumstances
  • Contempt orders — Forcing the other party to comply with an order

Ms. Kriebel provides honest legal advice and one-on-one attention. She will answer any questions you may have about your case with sensitivity and respect. She works closely with each client to establish realistic goals to ensure their families achieve the best possible outcome in their child custody and child support matters.

If the Department of Family and Protection Services (DFPS) has contacted you about your parenting, it is best to contact an experienced child custody lawyer right away. An experienced attorney can advise you of your rights and aggressively advocate for you prior to court involvement as well as in court.

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