In-Depth Knowledge And Experience Of Family Law Matters Can Ease Your Burden

Nothing is more stressful than uncertainty when it comes to resolving family disputes. Are you worried about how to navigate through your divorce? What about your relationship with your children after your divorce or separation? Figuring it all out on your own can be overwhelming, but an experienced family law attorney can help you see things clearly.

Ms. Kriebel has in-depth knowledge of San Antonio's family courts and can help alleviate the stress involved with family law disputes. She will help you with divorce matters and can file custody orders or modify orders if your family's circumstances have changed. If disputes have risen to the level of domestic violence, she will help protect your family with a protective order. If you are dealing with the Department of Family and Protective Services, Ms. Kriebel has the extensive experience you need to protect your rights.

Dedicated to Helping You Efficiently Resolve Your Family Law Matters

Ms. Kriebel understands how intimidating it can be to try to resolve disputes on your own. Family law can be complex because one decision can affect many different aspects of your family's well-being. Working with an experienced lawyer can help you make informed decisions about divorce or children's issues.

Attorney Kriebel offers trusted guidance and representation for Texas family law cases involving:

  • Divorce —Uncontested and contested divorce, military divorce issues
  • Complex property division — Fair and equitable distribution of real property, assets, debts
  • Spousal maintenance – Accurate assessments for amount and length of order
  • Child custody and support— Fathers' rights, paternity, parental alienation issues, joint or managing conservatorships, modifications of orders, visitation
  • Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) casesPre-investigations, negotiation
  • Adoptions — Stepparent, family member and same sex couple adoptions
  • Terminating parental rights — Voluntary and involuntary terminations
  • Protective orders — Aggressive representation or legal defense

Surprised by a Visit From CPS?

Protect your right to parent your children. Attorney Jacqueline Kriebel provides experienced family law advocacy for individuals and families in Greater San Antonio. She understands how distressing it can be when unanswered questions about your family's future linger. Email or call Kriebel Law Firm, PLLC, at 210-677-5586 to discuss the legal options available to resolve your family law matter.