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Jacqueline Kriebel understands the urgency of finding solutions to your family law matters. When your future is uncertain or your children's best interests are at stake, you need a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney in your corner. Ms. Kriebel will listen to your concerns. Whether you face a simple divorce, complex property division, spousal maintenance, child custody and conservatorship matters, termination of parental rights or an adoption, she will provide immediate feedback. She offers the trusted guidance you need as your case progresses, and she will explain what to expect as she helps you resolve the matter.

In-Depth Experience In Family Law Courts

Are you fighting over your children? Children can experience alienation from a parent when parents engage in trash-talking or withhold the children. In some cases, these parental alienation issues can be seen as a form of child abuse. Sometimes, conflict is unavoidable; however, with proper court orders and intervention, co-parenting can be possible.

Ms. Kriebel has in-depth knowledge of San Antonio's family courts and can help you file for enforcement of custody orders, modifications and even an injunction to prevent parental alienation from destroying your relationship with your children. She can also help you in the pre-investigation stage if the Department of Family and Protective Services (DFPS) has contacted you about your children.